Nagavara SOCIAL is a dynamic melting pot within the park, where work seamlessly blends with the spirit of celebration, creating an extraordinary space for professionals to play as hard as they work. Living up to SOCIAL’s unique approach to design and embodying the spirit of its neighbourhood, Nagavara SOCIAL also plays on the concept of ‘Party in a Tech Park’.

The outpost re-imagines park equipment like swings, hammocks, benches and lamp posts by turning them into vibrant, playful seating. Featuring ornate cast-iron detailing and lamps, a natural stone walkway going across the space, skylight, and shades of greens all around from the bar all the way to bench seating designed around planters. The space enables patrons to find their balance of work and play, come together and socialise while enjoying their favourite SOCIAL food and #drnks.




Nagavara Social

Nagavara SOCIAL,
unit number 25, First floor,
Hilton Garden Inn retail unit, NXT Plaza,
Embassy Manyata Business Park, Nagavara,
Ph: 8657047428 / 8657047429