Built amidst Chembur's buzzing vicinity, the vibrant, unmissable orange facade of Chembur SOCIAL is flanked by construction material, acting as a reminder of the area's industrial roots. The bright and loud exterior, therefore, catches the eye of every Chemburkar who walks by.

The design of the outlet draws heavy inspiration from the ‘work in progress’ ethos of Mumbai. The space is littered with neon signages that read ujjwal bhavishya i.e. bright future, reflective of the construction signs we see all over the city, promising us a better tomorrow.

The entrance of the outpost is at the corner of the large corrugated metal sheet. Honouring its dedication to creating sustainable spaces, Chembur SOCIAL also affirms the brand’s goals with minimum intervention and maximum upcycling being a central focus.

While the new outpost is home to some of the brand’s most iconic dishes, it also brings to you fresh tastes and experimental drinks, exclusive to Chembur.





Natraj Compound,
Dr Choithram Gidwani Road,
near Shivaji Maharaj Chowk,
Chembur, Mumbai,
Maharashtra 400074
Ph: 8657991232