Afternoons basking on the greens, counting down to 10 before finding a laughing friend tucked away behind a tree, harkening back to a time when chalk squares meant an hour of glee - this is what many of us have lost out on as concrete creeps over the cityscape and the lure of the digital drives us indoors. But now it’s time to be kind, rewind, and #throwback to a life where #Play meets #Work! With games, goodies and greenery galore, F.C. Road Social is set to be THE place where you relive your youth - with some updates!

Dappled in sunlight, tinted by the colours of the foliage spilling over from every corner, the all-new ‘Social Garden’ taps into the human desire to be outdoors and free, fulfilling it by creating a world of verdant spaces and childhood frolic. The gabion stone wall, with its creepers, hides misty grasses behind its rustic exteriors, while the old world style living room, with cozy corners, and library units containing gardening tools, is an ode to life before technology. With the Pune sky merging into green columns that flow gently into the floor, set off by a rustic stone bar, the space provides a sense of grandeur that puts nature’s majesty into perspective.The turf flooring folds into benches surrounded with custom tree trunk lights and neon green glow boxes stacked up to add that all-important element of #Play to the settings!

A giant metal and glass slide emerges from the mezzanine and dives right into the heart of the outlet, bringing a reminder of childhood glee that immediately imbues it with a sense of nostalgia. A see-saw, swings, and more, give yet another reason to flashback to the playgrounds where most of us spent our early days.

Outdoors lies the Chhatt, a sprawling terrace space that radiates comfort and ease, which puts even Pune’s greatest house party to shame. Tied together with rope swings, it automatically evokes memories of cold nights spent huddled around the plates of steaming food, while creating a longing for the experiences that the youth of today didn’t know they were missing.




fc road social

Unit No. 101, Mezz & 1st Floor,
Cello Platina, C.T.S No. 1183,
F.C. R, Revenue Colony,
Shivajinagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411015
Ph - 020 2980 5111