Imagine monorails, metros, these imposing shapes, almost brutalist monolithic forms that we see shaping Mumbai's public domain in the present times. Enter the Nes Cuffe Parade SOCIAL, a space designed by FK'D | Faizan Khatri Design Workshop, which embodies this brutalism into the design and seeks to create conversations through this carefully crafted play between the concrete blocks juxtaposed with metal sheeting forms. As you enter, the monorail outside, replicates itself inside, greeting you through the movable railed high tables leading onto the bar block and bar cage contraption which holds the lighting installation of the space together. The heavy base forms are loaded with a block brutalist concrete, which also lends itself to the brand wall mural. The 'almost floating' double-decker metal sheet profile seats nonchalantly look over the buzzing volume. SOCIAL Wadala leaves you with a unique experience which feels interestingly similar to an exploration of the essence of the city of Mumbai.




New Cuffe Parade Social

Ground Floor, VIOS Tower,
Near Bus Depot,
Off Eastern Express Highway,
Sewri - Chembur Road,
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400037
Ph: 8657868332