Based on the ideas of ‘decolonizing your mind’ and ‘going back to one’s roots’, Ring Road SOCIAL is dramatically different from anything SOCIAL has done before. The outpost takes inspiration from the rich culture of Gond art, with deep brown and ochre serving as the primarily colour palettes for the space. Sustainability is a key pillar of the brand’s design and architecture, exemplified with the generous use of bamboo and cane throughout. Installations, sculptures, and even furniture and lighting have creative applications of the materials.

But perhaps the stand out feature of the space is the ‘Tree of Life’ motif, artfully depicted via an intricate arrangement of bamboos and wires. Inspired by kalpavriksha or the ‘divine tree’, the fluid structure extends in all directions leading ultimately to the flooring, which is a reflection of the tree itself. The roots are depicted as a pathway of inner discovery, much like the outpost itself; helping the city connect with the people that have nurtured it.

At its core, Ring Road SOCIAL appreciates the spirit of these local communities that have called Indore their home, and finally marks the arrival of #IndoreKaApnaSOCIAL.




ring road social

Ground Floor,
C-21 Business Park,
MR 10 Rd, Pushp Vihar Colony,
Scheme No 131, Indore,
Madhya Pradesh 452010
Ph: 7024588989