As the years have passed, so have the pockets of green in India’s capital - most of it overtaken by the sprawl of concrete, steel, and glass that crowd Delhi’s streets. Sliding into your neighbourhood with the perfect antithesis. India’s 22nd outpost - Vasant Kunj Social, is all set to disrupt the chaos with its minimalist design and verdant greens!

Delhi’s 6th (and the country’s 22nd) Social is built around the concept of wabi-sabi, a Japanese worldview that finds beauty in incompleteness and simplicity, and appreciates the ingenuity of nature and its designs. From the eye-catching, ‘demolished’ exteriors that are juxtaposed against the clean lines of Ambience Mall, to the foliage all around, every inch of the space is an ode to these principles.

The jagged concrete of the entrance is counter-pointed by cracks and breaks lacing through the walls. At the far end, a few lines of text pay homage to the philosophy that inspired the space, outlining the concept of wabi-sabi for everyone who walks in, while another wall features a simply drawn circle that stops just shy of closure, called an enso - a direct shout-out to wabi-sabi’s devotion to finding beauty in simplicity and imperfection.

Outside, one might think they’ve stepped into one of the rare oases of peace in Delhi - think sun-dappled mounds of green that moonlight as seats blending gently into the ground, giving the impression that they’re growing directly from the floor, while lighting fixtures made of branches sway gently in the breeze. Dried and aged from fishtail palms, these serve not only as a reminder of impermanence, but also show appreciation for the finer details inherent in nature.




vasant kunj social

T-306, Third Floor,
Ambience Mall,
Vasant Kunj, New Delhi
Ph: +91 7838659992